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National Cricket Week - Daily Updates!

on Tuesday, 03 June 2014. Posted in Schools, Chance to Shine

National Cricket Week - Daily Updates!

Through the week commencing Monday the 2nd of June the Development Team have been touring schools around Kent promotiong Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week, a Chance to Shine initiative. 

Click continue reading for day by day photos from the week, or check our #nationalcricketweek on Twitter!

Click on a day below to see what we got up to! We'll put some words below next week so you can have a story to read as well, but for now please enjoy the pictures! 

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Day 1 - Player Visits (Canterbury, Dover, Thanet)

Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week kicked off bright and early for the Kent Cricket Development Team as they visited a number of primary schools across the county in order to spread the Chance to Shine spirit. Schools allowed the team, joined by various players including Darren Stevens, Mitchell Claydon and Captain Robert Key, to take over the curriculum for a session of Cricket coaching and an assembly which allowed the students to interact with the players as well as enlightening them on the importance of Fair Play and the Spirit of Cricket. 

Morning - Adisham C of E Primary School                                                                           
During the morning, Adisham C of E Primary School were visited by Doug Bollinger and Darren Stevens who brought instant enthusiasm for the week ahead by holding a Rapid Fire session for Years 3-6. Whilst there, many students expressed their love for the longer form of the game, with Ian Bell and Joe Root claiming the top spot as many of the students’ favourite players, as well as their excitement for upcoming matches surrounding the NatWest T20 Blast; especially if the players ‘score like Jos Buttler!’. The session concluded with a HOWZATZTHAT as Darren Stevens and his England team could not reclaim the Ashes in a bowl off, leaving Doug Bollinger to rejoice with his Australian teammates.

Morning - Wincheap Foundation Primary School
Starting off with a coaching session for two Year 5 classes, 60 students got straight into learning all of the basics of Cricket by moving around four different skills stations – one designed and led by David Griffiths. After finishing off with two big games of continuous cricket, the classes went inside to join the other 120 children from Key Stage 2 for an assembly. After ensuring the children were ready to go with a 180 strong, simultaneous HOWZAT appeal, they competed for the prestigious Chance to Shine Spirit of Cricket Shield before posing their questions to David Griffiths.

Afternoon – River Primary School
The team was welcomed in Dover by River Primary School where murky skies and a muddy field couldn’t stop the cricket fever as Robbie Joseph inspired the students by explaining his own pathway into the game and his upbringing in Antigua. The session of coaching and the enjoyment of watching the groups compete led headmistress Claire Eggleston to announce that Chance to Shine showed her pupils that ‘Cricket can be fun’ and that it had helped the Year 4 classes to communicate better and be respectful on and off of the field.

Afternoon – Sibertswold C of E Primary School
Sibertswold was introduced to National Cricket Week and Rob Key with an assembly to start the afternoon session. To ensure the children had grasped the key aspects of the Chance to Shine Spirit of Cricket Video the hall was split in half to represent Sri Lanka and India, the two visiting international teams this year before three brave volunteers came up to test their catching skills in order to recreate an international match. Finally, the children were giving their chance to pose questions to the Kent Captain and former England player. Taking to the daisy covered field, Years 5 and 6 received hands on tips from the Kent Skipper before sending tennis balls to all corners of the school.
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Day 2 - Palmarsh Primary School (Shepway)

The Kent Cricket Development Team – headed by Andy Griffiths – led the morning assembly which introduced the children to both the Chance to Shine charity and the Spirit of Cricket, but also testing their skills with a catching exercise. A number of umpiring signals were also taught and practised during the assembly, which were later used by Years 5 and 6 during a curriculum lesson in which the students had to solve maths puzzles surrounding a Cricket scorecard; calculating the mean run score of several innings and the varying circumferences of Cricket balls used. The visit to Palmarsh ended with a coaching session in which students teamed up to play rounds of Quick Fire, allowing the basic skills of Cricket to be learned; and over time, mastered.
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Day 3 - St. James Juniors (Tunbridge Wells)

Despite the unsettled weather, nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of St. James’ students as they took to solving the numerical conundrums posed to them by Kent Cricket’s Development Team – holding the title of the only school to gain full marks on the scoring test. Following with a celebration assembly, the rest of the school was taught several umpire signals by the earlier classes as well as answering questions on the true endeavours of the Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week. Although the team adjusted well coaching in a restricted school hall, the weather finally eased off and allowed the game to be taken onto the playground.
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Day 4 - Repton Manor (Ashford)

The Sun made a glorious appearance as National Cricket Week arrived to a similarly warm welcome at Repton Manor for a day of coaching with Year 1 students. After a very excited introduction, the classes settled for an introduction to the charity and to learn the basics of run scoring before competing in tables for the highest score in one innings. Using a dice, the children took it in turns to write down their runs and adding each up to find out their final, overall score – always hoping to avoid the roll of a dreaded five and so landing with a wicket! The activities on the playground took place during mid-morning where the children played a simplified version of cricket, but also practised the techniques needed in all fields of the game. When we asked students about their preferred role, the overwhelming majority expressed great passion for the batting element, especially if they could make their class mates run after the ball.
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Day 5 - Dartford Bridge (Dartford)

As the Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week drew to a close for another year, the curriculum lesson took a creative (and slightly messy) turn for both the Kent Cricket Development Team and the Year 4 students as attention was turned to Arts and Crafts. The students were given the task of designing a new Kent strip and flag as well as constructing their very own Kent Spitfire helmets. The entire school pulled out the stops at the celebration assembly as each year presented a cricket-themed show and tell of pieces that they had worked on for National Cricket Week before the Development Team, for a final time, explained ‘Play Hard, Play Fair’ and ended with a mass umpire scoring game. The coaching session took both Year 1 classes and navigated them around a circuit of five quick, skill centred zones including the popular Cricket Factory Core Skills set which allowed every student to practice each technique in a fun and simplified situation. A roaring thank you by students, accompanied by a mass six signal concluded the session as the highly successful Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week for the Kent Cricket Staff and the entire county – at least for another 365 days!
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