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DBS Disclosures - Every Club Needs an ID Verifier

on Friday, 09 February 2018. Posted in Welfare, Volunteering

DBS Disclosures - Every Club Needs an ID Verifier

All DBS disclosures must now be submitted electronically - no paper forms will be accepted.  To ensure we make it as easy as possible for everyone who needs a DBS disclosure to obtain one - EVERY CLUB should appoint an ID verifer.

The duties of this position are:

1)  "Initiate" a new DBS application for club members needing a DBS (takes 1 minute)
2)  Carry out ID verifying/document checking (takes 2-3 minutes)

Ideally this person will be your Club Welfare Officer, Secretary or Clubmark Officer - but we will consider others.  If you don't currently have a club ID verifier, Clubs should e mail kcbcwo.kent@ecb.co.uk with the following details of the person they wish to carry out this role:

  • Full name
  • Position (if they have one)
  • Date of birth
  • E mail address
  • Club
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