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County Age Group Girls

age group girls

Representative Cricket at all age levels is extremely important for the development of talented cricketers. It provides the opportunity for players to be challenged and have their skills tested to a greater extent than in normal competition. Many players (men and women) who progress along the pathway to first class and international standard have participated in representative cricket at various age grade levels.

Kent has age group squads for girls at under 11, 13, 15 and 17. We also have a development squad at under 13s.  They play in ECB competitions and/or festivals in Malvern.  The girls wear the same kit as the professional players – with “Performance Squad” under the Kent logo.

Each age group will have criteria for the managers and coaches to work towards:

Under 11 - play the game
Under 13 - learn and develop the game
Under 15 - understand the game and your own game
Under 17 - prepare for performance

Trialists are nominated by our Area Cricket Programme (ACP) coaches and managers, cricket clubs and schools following assessment in coaching or games. At some levels recommendations are accepted from scouts. All trialists are invited to attend autumn trials and following that squads are selected for the summer programme.

Policies and Documents

We explain what our standards and expectations are in two documents:
  • The Player's Charter
  • The Parent/Guardian's Charter

 To view the above charter documents and our policies, please click here - 'Our Rules and What We Expect'

Coach and Manager Information - Girls

Under 11 Coach/Manager David Sear sear758@btinternet.com
Under 11 Asst Coach Craig Bolton craigbolton@blueyonder.co.uk 
Under 13 Red Caps Coach Brian Gasking brian.gasking.kent@ecb.co.uk 
Under 13 Red Caps Assistant Coach/ Manager Jon Waite Jon.waite.kent@ecb.co.uk
Under 13 Coach  David Hathrill David.Hathrill.kent@ecb.co.uk
 Under 13 Asst Coach/Manager Lucy Arman Lucy.arman.kent@ecb.co.uk 
Under 15 Red Caps Coach Brian Gasking Brian.Gasking.kent@ecb.co.uk
Under 15  Red Caps Asst Coach / Manager Jon Waite Jon.Waite.Kent@ecb.co.uk
Under 15 Coach Jennifer Jackson Jennifer.jackson.kent@ecb.co.uk
Under 15 Assistant Coach Liam Cook Liam.Cook.Kent@ecb.co.uk
Under 15 Manager Helen Fagg Helen.Fagg.kent@ecb.co.uk
Under 17 Coach Nick Bier Nck.bier.kent@ecb.co.uk 
Under 17 Assistant Coach Liam Cook liam.cook.kent@ecb.co.uk 
Under 17 Manager Helen Fagg Helen.Fagg.Kent@ecb.co.uk

Player Pathway

  • Kent-Cricket-Player-Pathway-Women-and-girls-2019


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