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Pitch Line

Pitchline is an advice service provided by experienced groundsmen, through the Kent Groundsman's Association, for groundsmen and clubs in Kent. There are 3 levels of service:

a) Informal visit - A visit by an experienced groundsman to discuss your minor pitch problems and offer advice and guidance.

b) Formal Inspection and Report - For more significant problems or ground development advice. This will involve a visit by an experienced groundsman who will carry out an assessment /inspection and produce a report with suggested actions. There will be a small charge for this service to cover expenses.

c) Performance Quality Standard Pitch Assessment and Report. - This level of service is normally a pre-requisite for clubs aspiring to progress in the league structure or for clubs seeking grant funding. It will be carried out by a Kent Cricket Pitch Advisor. There will be a charge in the region of £350 for this service.

To access Pitchline Services ring 07968079948

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