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Groundsman's Trailer

Clubs affiliated to Kent Cricket are allowed privileged access to the Groundsman’s Association Trailers. This machinery was granted to us by the ECB and is maintained and added to in ongoing efforts by the GA. The machinery on the trailers allows a club to undertake in depth pitch renovations to a high standard, at a subsidised hire charge. Where possible, guidance on use of the machinery can also be provided by members of the Kent GA to further support the club.

See below for a list of machinery currently on the trailer. The hire charges are currently being reviewed, so please check back later in the year.

  • Graden GS04 Linear Aerator (pedestrian) [pictured right]Graden GS04
  • Groundsman 345HD Spiker (pedestrian)
  • GBS 1200 Linear Aerator (tractor mounted)
  • Sisis Litamina Sweeper/Collector (tractor mounted)
  • Sarrel Roller
  • Truelute
  • Drag mat

For information on hiring the machinery and to book, please contact Peter Aylott: Peter.Aylott@tesco.net 

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