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Primary Schools

One of our overarching responsibilities is to spread the Power of Cricket across Kent and one of the fundamental ways in which we do this is by working with schools. We hope that the information in the drop downs below will help you find out all of the information you need. If it doesn't, please give us a call on 01227 473618 or contact james.moss.kent@ecb.co.uk 

Chance to Shine

Chance to Shine is a national charity who fund programmes to reintroduce and develop Cricket in state schools. Kent Cricket are proud to be one of Chance to Shine's delivery partners. 

When we work with a primary school through Chance to Shine, both parties sign an agreement outlining the responsibilities of being involved. The delivery that we offer includes:
  • An inspirational assembly based around the Spirit of Cricket
  • Curriculum coaching sessions
  • Intra-school competition
  • Informal teacher training
  • Dedicated nights at a local cricket club
From 2015 our Chance to Shine delivery model allows us to link one of our Community Coaches to a specific cricket club. They will then approach local schools and deliver cricket whilst specifically representing that club, in order to develop a genuine club link and increase the potential for children to migrate to the club environment. 

If your school doesn't fall in to a Chance to Shine project then we may still be able to support you through our Schools Cricket Programme. More information on this programme is in the box below.

Schools Cricket Programme

The Schools Cricket Programme (SCP) is a paid for service and enables you to pick and chose the elements of delivery as needed by your school. Given the training that we put our staff through and objectives as an organisation, the SCP is more suited to schools who also want to upskill their staff rather than simply buying in a PE provider. 

Options available through the SCP are:
  • Assembly Visit
  • Coaching
  • Teaching Mentoring (Striking and Fielding)
  • Teacher Mentoring (Invasion Games)
  • Teacher Mentoring (Net Wall Games)
  • Primary School Cricket Leaders (Cross-curricular)
  • After School Club
Click Here to view the full SCP Brochure and contact adam.hodder.kent@ecb.co.uk for any enquiries or bookings.

Rapid Fire (KS1 Competition)

Rapid Fire is aimed at Key Stage 1 and is a really fast paced but simple game for the pupils to understand. The game is designed to minimise any time waiting around and even involves keeping the batters who are waiting, by having them cheer and count the score of their team mates. Fielding is done as a team, with the game co-ordinated to ensure maximum participation - which avoids the cliche of children standing around and getting bored whilst playing Cricket.

Each game only takes around 15 minutes and uses a controlled playing area which means you can have multiple games running at once.

Click Here to view a simple animation, explaining how a game of Rapid Fire unfolds! Or download the Chance to Shine Coaching Cards, which includes a simple explanation of how to get started.

Kwik Cricket (KS2 Competition)

Kwik Cricket is the staple of primary school Cricket! Every PE cupboard we have ever seen has got some blue bats in it, which is pretty much all you need.

If you are completely unaware of Kwik Cricket, click on our 'Resources' page to your right and download the rules to get an idea. There are also skills cards to download as well.

There are dozens of different skills and drills that you can use Kwik Cricket equipment to develop, working on agility, balance and co-ordination at the very basic levels, but also to develop team and tactical awareness. Again, if you click on our 'Resources' page, you can download some simple ideas - or get in touch and we'd be more than happy to share some idea or talk about some teacher training.

For an overview of competitions, please view our Competitions page. For Kwik Cricket please be aware that depending on where you are based, there may be a crossover between our staff and your School Games Organiser.

Sporting Chance - in partnership with Southern Water


Victa’s Voyage – a partnership with
 sw logo 120mm rgb

Part of the #SportingChance programme

The Sporting Chance programme is unique to the East of Kent and enables children to depart on Victa’s Voyage of Discovery!

The Voyage covers enables children in Key Stage 2 to access up to three key sessions:

  1.  Assembly on Spirit of Cricket and Pain in the Drain
  2. Classroom session on respectful use of water
  3. Cricket activity session
This programme is unique to the East of Kent and enables the delivery of activity to schools who otherwise would have a limited access to Cricket, whilst also delivering crucial lessons around respecting our water systems.

If you are based at a school in Dover, Thanet or elsewhere on the East Kent Coast and would like to be part of Victa’s Voyage and Sporting Chance then please email james.moss.kent@ecb.co.uk

For more information on Sporting Chance, please click here

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