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There are 4.6m young people in the UK living in poverty or with a disability. Through the continued expansion of our programmes we’re working towards reducing these numbers.

We are creating more opportunities than ever before for young people from deprived areas and those with disabilities to engage in sport and recreation in their local communities.

We measure our impact by the 'sporting chances' we create.

What is a sporting chance?

  • It’s the chance to interact, play and train
  • The chance to compete, win and lose
  • The chance to learn, have fun and make friends

Every time our work directly impacts the life of a young person, we create a new sporting chance for them.

Our latest Impact Report illustrates the difference we have made in 2017.  This year we have:

  • Provided 3,931 coaching sessions across both of our disability cricket programmes
  • Given 7,811 young people with disabilities the chance to play cricket through our disability cricket programmes
  • Seen nearly 600 young people take part in our Wicketz programme on a weekly basis
  • Recycled over 4,100 items of kit to 14 countries
  • Donated 43 minibuses
  • Installed 42 sensory and play equipment facilities
  • Donated 73 sports wheelchairs

Our mission - is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged and disabled young people through sport and recreation

Our programmes support some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK

We create a range of opportunities for young people from deprived areas and those with disabilities to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities

Our outcomes

  • Increase opportunities for regular participation
  • Motivate young people to engage in sport
  • Improve health, social and psychological wellbeing
  • Empower volunteers, coaches and teachers to deliver training sessions


Lord’s Taverners Super 1s

Super 1s gives young people aged 12-25 with disabilities the chance to regularly play cricket. By creating community cricket hubs for young people to receive coaching from county cricket boards, we give participants the chance to compete against peers and enjoy the benefits of sport and an active lifestyle.

For many young people with disabilities throughout the UK, opportunities to take part in regular competitive sport can be extremely limited.
The programme aims to:
  • develop the physical and mental well-being of players
  • help players make friends and engage with positive role models
  • provide an environment for competition amongst peers


Lord’s Taverners Table Cricket

For many young people with a severe physical or learning disability, particularly wheelchair users, participating in cricket and other forms of sport is not possible. Table Cricket provides the opportunity to play in a competitive game of cricket. The emphasis is on teamwork and sportsmanship in an informal and enjoyable environment. 

The game is played on a table tennis table. Side panels and sliding fielders are placed around the table to create an arena, a small ball and ramp are used to bowl, and a wooden bat enables players to score runs, simulating a game of cricket. 

In addition to the obvious health benefits, participation in sport can be life-changing for young people, playing a major role in personal development and social integration. It has been found to improve self-confidence and motivation, expand life skills and independence, enhance communication and social skills, build lasting friendships, and bring families together.



Get in touch

For more information on any of our programmes please get in touch...

Brian Gasking
Lord’s Taverners Disability Officer and Community Cricket Officer
07931 318142


Lord's Taverner's Table Cricket - County Final 2019

Event date:
06-02-2019 10:00 am
Event End Date:
06-02-2019 2:00 pm
Cut off date:
Available place:
Individual Price:

The Lord's Taverner Table Cricket

County Final

Teams of 6 pan-disability between the ages of 11-25 years.

There is a registration form that must be printed out, completed and handed to Kent Cricket upon arrival at the finals, available in the details section. This includes permissions to photograph students during the competition.

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