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Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Sport and Cricket is no exception. Therefore they need to not only be recognised and rewarded, through avenues such as the NatWest OSCAs but also managed and taken care of, by being given the necessary support and training. Identifying a Volunteer Co-ordinator within your club will help make the process much easier.

Kent Cricket can provide or link you to a wide variety of formal training courses from Coaching to Groundsmanship. For information on these courses please visit our Courses Page and if you have any queries please make contact with the Programmes Manager, Heidi Coleman.

Child Protection

Not all volunteers require vast amounts of training, but those working with Children on a regular basis would benefit from undertaking a Safeguarding Young Cricketers (SYC) - this is a free on line course suitable for Coaches.  Although primarily aimed at coaches, it is also useful for Team Managers, Junior Supervisors, Captains etc.

You can book places on a SYC worksop as well as First Aid and Safe Hands Courses via our events page on this website.

Volunteer Co-ordinators

As part of the vCricket Programme, the ECB introduced and supported a huge network of Volunteer Co-ordinators, at national, regional, county and club level. The role of a Volunteer Co-ordinator in a club can make a huge impact, not only though identifying the need for volunteers, but by supporting those who are already in place. By having a central point of contact within the club and providing simple things like job descriptions which are available for free on the ECB Website, a volunteer's experience will become simpler and more rewarding.

For more information on how to best support your volunteers please check the ECB Website, where there are numerous resources, templates and guides to help clubs. Alternatively, you can contact James Moss at the Kent Cricket.

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