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Information for Club Welfare Officers

Information for Club Welfare Officers

We require all Clubs with Junior Sections to have a Club Welfare Officer (CWO), and are striving to increase this to incorporate all clubs who have Under 18s playing.  We value our CWOs and want you to feel appreciated and supported in your role.  Do not hesitate to contact the County Welfare Officer or Deputy for information and advice. 

What does my club need to do?

Safeguarding children in your Club will not be implemented overnight.  It is a long-term process.  It is the responsibility of the whole club to implement the appropriate Safeguarding policies and procedures.  The first step is:

Appointing a Club Welfare Officer

Your Club Welfare Officer will be the first point of contact for everyone within the club, the County Welfare Officer and the ECB for child safeguarding matters.  They also will be ensuring the Club is adopting and implementing the various safeguarding activities necessary for it to demonstrate its duty of care for children.  See ECB Guidance on Appointing and Training a CWO.

Ideally the CWO should not be a coach or team manager as unfortunately complaints are sometimes made against these individuals. 

Training for Club Welfare Officers

All NEW Club Welfare Officers and their assistants are required to:

1)  Attend a face to face Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) course
2)  Attend a Safe Hands course – AFTER the SPC course
3)  Have an
ECB DBS vetting check (formerly called CRB disclosure)
4)  Familiarise themselves with the Safe Hands Child Protection Policy - regularly!

Then every 3 years:

1)  Attend an SPC/SPC Refresher or complete the SPC e-learning course
2)  Attend a Safe Hands/Safe Hands Refresher course
3)  Have a DBS check  unless they have joined the Update Service.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) courses are generic sports safeguarding workshops.  This is the first course you should attend, and this must be before you attend a Safe Hands course. You can either attend one arranged by Kent Cricket, or look on the Sports Coach UK website, under Workshops, and book one up with them  

Your Club should register with Kent Sports for a Club Connect card - you can then receive 20% off (40% off if you are a Clubmark Club) all Sports Coach UK courses booked via Kent Sports.  If you have attended an SPC course, contact the County Welfare Officer kcbcwo.kent@ecb.co.uk  to see if yours is suitable.  Currently you are required to attend an SPC, or an SPC2: Reflecting on Practice, every 3 years.

Information for Club Welfare Officers

If you are currently a coach AND a Club Welfare Officer, at the County Welfare Officer's discretion you may be able to undertake the SYC instead of SPC.  

Safe Hands – This is a course specifically designed for Club Welfare Officers in cricket.  It is a mandatory requirement for CWOs.  You must attend the SPC course before attending this course.  This has replaced the Time to Listen course. 

Safe Hands Refresher – This is a refresher course for Club Welfare Officers in cricket and can be attended instead of the Safe Hands, 3 years after you attended Safe Hands or Time to Listen. 

Evidence Checker – Once you have attended the Safe Hands, or Safe Hands Refresher course you can  apply via the County Welfare Officer to become an Evidence Checker for DBS checks.  This does make it much easier for people in your Club or who live nearby to get their documents checked.  Please note, your DBS must be current and valid at the time you apply to be an Evidence Checker (at least 3 months validity at the time of applying) and the application process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.  

Support for the Club Welfare Officer – The County and Deputy County Welfare Officers are here to support you in your role.  We are pleased to offer help and guidance; you may have an idea about good practice, or a question about possible poor practice or a concern about a safeguarding matter -  please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want any information or support.


Resources for Club Welfare Officers

There is an abundance of information on the ECB website and we do not intend reproducing it here.  However we have produced some Kent guidance sheets which you might find useful.

word CWO Grid for Recording ECB Clearance for DBS checks

CWOs need to check all those required to, have an up to date ECB DBS. You do this by contacting Kent Cricket or the County Welfare Officer to ensure the person's DBS has been added to ECB database - it is not sufficient to be shown their DBS disclosure. Use this template to record you have verified this information.

pdf icon Safeguarding Information for Captains of Open Age Cricket Teams

Captains all know about their duties on the pitch regarding the game - but do they know their safeguarding responsibilities for Under 18s?  This document will give them some information about this


pdf icon New BSi Standard for Cricket Head Protectors

From 30 June 2014 the old BSi standard for cricket head protectors will be withdrawn.  Details of the new BSi standard can be found here.  Safe Hands holders will receive the new inserts in due course.


pdf icon Flowchart to show the DBS process

DBS information is on the Disclosure and Barring Service page, but those of you who prefer pictures and flowcharts to words, please see the flowchart.


Kent Safeguarding Contacts

word List of Kent safeguarding contacts for Club Welfare Officers (updated September 2014)


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