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As of the end of the 2015 outdoor season, the Area Cricket Programme (ACP) becomes the stepping stone between junior club cricket and the Kent Performance Squads. 

The ACP replaces the long standing District Competition, following a number of reviews by Kent Cricket which invited all 16 districts, District Development Officers and those already within the system to share their views. Moving away from 16 squads, the ACP will see 8 squads compete in both league fixtures and then a T:20 festival, therefore increasing the number of fixtures played compared to the District structure. 

This should now allow for greater competition and further development for those players looking to bridge the gap between club and county selection and those who are good enough to participate at a higher level. 

Each area 'franchise' was then open to a bidding process for individuals, groups or organisations who wished to take on a license to run the squads in their chosen area for two years. After submitting their bid, all parties were then subject to a panel interview before being awarded the license.

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